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SS&C Advent provide an award-winning suite of financial technology software and services for Asset Manager, Wealth Manager and Alternative Manager business needs.

Human Affinity

The world of B2B solutions for financial services is beset by complex, often hidden and hard-to-reach audience segments, notoriously impervious to existing marketing techniques and approaches.

To better understand them, we turned to the SS&C Advent marketing and sales teams – a rich source of customer knowledge. Typically, salespeople are very often disconnected from the marketing team – the two functions tending to be siloed – but bringing them together so closely can deliver powerful results over time.

Our unique Human Affinity approach is designed to deliver meaningful insight at both a business and human level. It not only identifies audience in-depth needs, but also uncovers previously un-met needs – ensuring we respond in the most relevant and understandable way to create genuine cut-through and engagement.


Impossible to ignore

We were able to develop a robust brand framework that successfully meets (and exceeds) the diverse audience needs, pain points and motivations within the target financial service segments – applying adapted propositions under the main brand proposition, as our There is No Alternative campaign vividly demonstrates.

Leading alternative management firms tend to be led by ultra-busy people with “no time for marketing” – in every sense. They’re a tough group to reach and so we interrogated these traditional industry stereotypes to understand them as people. Only then could we devise a campaign with the relevance, originality and cut-through that would command attention.

Continuous experience

Our collaborative working and proactive processes ensure we continually revaluate, understand and engage with our audience. As a result, we are creating and managing several ongoing ‘campaigns’ at any one time, targeting differing audience segments across diverse markets including UK, EMEA, APAC and Middle East.

This extends to producing and delivering content and market ‘hubs’ – thought leadership reports, articles, e-guides – video content promoting Advent people as industry influencers, infographics, animations, case studies and much, much more.

Metrics and reporting are key to the success of our relationship. On-going optimisation and re-targeting campaigns ensure further engagement and awareness, with lead-gen targets consistently broken and channel benchmarks exceeded.

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