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Celerity securely manages and transforms customers’ legacy IT environments. Meanwhile, ongoing digital transformation allows businesses to adopt emerging technologies when the time is right. Creating secure digital worlds for their customers.

A transformational brand

In a sector that’s constantly developing, a challenger brand needs to keep innovating and evolving to secure its position as a market leader. This is as true of its brand relevancy as it is of its solutions and services, needing to inspire both its legacy clients while appealing to new, wider audiences.

Using our Human Affinity approach, detailed audience segmentation was undertaken to identify the deeper needs of target segments within the wider market, while also drawing upon the experiences of the internal Celerity team. The result was a highly differentiated brand framework, vision, and mission statements that ensured market relevancy, brought to life through the brand proposition Unleash the possible.

Celerity mid banner

Small logo. Big vision.

Capturing the essence of infinite possibilities, the brand’s wordmark is designed to be shortened down to a simple, striking monogram, used in multi-coloured combinations across digital and social channels, as well as an animated version to bring life to communications.

The accompanying visual identity represents the ambition of unleashing the possible – using graphic ‘beams’, bright gradients, and abstract imagery, reflected in the redesigned Celerity website, A world of infinite possibility.

Celerity slider

Confident in its new, future-relevant positioning, we have now helped Celerity develop its internal branding in addition to raising its brand profile across a growing number of channels and assets, including social advertising and brand/sector videos.

This new confidence is driven in part by positive feedback from clients and its impact within the market – reinvigorating not only the brand but also inspiring the people within Celerity to explore even greater possibilities.

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